Diar Lansky & Wayne G - #WYBA 

Audio CD

 $15.00(Includes Shipping) 

​Die4 Productions Presents, Diar Lansky & Wayne G "#WYBA" LP. Although Diar Lansky & Wayne G have been making music with each other for over 12 years, this is the first project they have released as a duo. From hard hitting "Boom Bap" to a universal current sound, #WYBA is enough to satisfy any and all needs for fans of Hip Hop, both young and old. With features from the usual cast of characters of the Die4 Camp, it also includes, a special feature from The Legendary J-Dee of Da Lench Mob, The NME, Pause MC, Lil Rachett, Killahronh, Sneek Rothstein, K-Waz The Lyrical Psycho, Lil Whit, Buddah Man, Rah & Young Hak. Put your mind at ease and listen to some Hip Hop in it's intended purpose...... Die4. 

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